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Used Cooling Tower
Used Cooling Tower
When considering your cooling requirements in your plant, you may be wondering whether you are in need of a cooling tower, a chiller, or both. Many plants, especially those located near a local water source, utilize rooftop chilling towers. A large part of the consideration is the water coolant temperature required for your specific industrial process. Because cooling tower's primary mechanism of cooling your industrial coolant is via heat transfer and evaporative cooling driven by local water temperatures and ambient temperature, summertime coolant temperature can rarely go below 75-80 degrees F. Whereas chillers, which utilize a cyclical flow of refrigerant that passes through compressors and an air or water-cooled condenser, can maintain coolant temperatures below 70 F all year round. Chillers can be air or water cooled, and, in the water-cooled cases, are sometimes used in conjunction with a cooling tower. When air-cooled, the chillers reject the heat using a heat exchanger, or condenser, that uses air blown by fans to transfer heat via convection into ambient air. Machinery Center can help you find the right chiller to meet your needed coolant volume and temperature requirements.

Machinery Center has collaborated with Universal Chilling Systems to provide a proprietary, brand new line of chillers ranging from 5 ton to 40 ton. With high quality components such as Copeland compressors, designs based on efficiency and process flexibility, competitive price points, and fast lead times, you can't go wrong with equipping your plant with a Universal Chilling system.

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