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Used Extruders - 6" To 6-1/2"
Used Extruders - 6" To 6-1/2"
Plastic extruders are used to create plastic objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile. A single screw extruder has a rotating screw within a heated barrel. Plastic pellets are fed in through the hopper, and the friction of the rotating screw in addition to the heating elements melts the plastic as it is pushed forward and eventually exits in a unique shape through the die on the other end. Different types of downstream components may be added to create an extrusion that fits your needs. These include water baths for cooling, puller, cutters, pelletizers for forming plastic pellets of uniform size and shape, etc. Machinery Center offers many types and sizes of extruders to create any type of extruded product with any unique profile you may require. We strive to offer a variety of extruders with different specifications; so whether you need an air-cooled or water-cooled barrel, temperature readouts, pressure sensors, tachometers, or other readouts for fine-tuning your individual process, or other desired characteristics, we have the equipment to match your needs. We carry a variety of new and used 6" to 6-1/2" Extruders from manufacturers including Davis Standard, Toshiba, HPM, and NRM.

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Americas Largest Stocking Dealer
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