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Used Thermoforming (In Line/Roll Fed/Double Ender)
Used Thermoforming (In Line/Roll Fed/Double Ender)
Thermoforming machines produce plastic parts by heating plastic to a pliable forming temperature and introducing a mold and/or vacuum to form the plastic into a shape. Finally the plastic is trimmed into a usable product. In continuous and inline thermoforming, the sheet is continually fed to the machine off a roll of plastic sheet. The continuous stream of plastic is indexed into a former, then trimmed and either discharged or stacked. The part that is trimmed away from the product is called a skeleton and it can be automatically fed into a granulator to be reused in the process. Typical items produced in a continuous or inline thermoformer are cups, plates, restaurant carry out clamshell containers. Machinery Center offers an extensive array of used Thermoforming (In Line/Roll Fed/Double Ender) from the top Manufacturers like Lyle and Sencorp.

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Americas Largest Stocking Dealer
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