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  • Need an Injection Molder? Then you need Machinery Center. Our supply is exhaustive containing a full range of sizes, types and manufactures.
  • Need a Blow Molder?  Then you need Machinery Center. We've got an extensive inventory of blow molder machinery.
  • Need a Thermoformer? Then you need Machinery Center.
  • Need an Extruder? Then you need Machinery Center. Our inventory is stocked with industry premier extruders of all sizes.
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What Sets Us ApartAt Machinery Center, Inc. we specifically designed our business to address the primary concerns of our customers. Whether you're looking for brands such as Cincinnati, Nissei, Bekum, Husky, Engel, Davis-Standard, Conair, Wittmann, etc, or machinery like Injection Molding machines, Blow Molding Machines, Extrusion machines, Thermoforming machines, Milling machines, Brake Press machines and all other Plastics and Metal machinery, we strive to make all our products accessible. We provide competitive pricing. And, we handle the logistics of getting our machines into our clients hands quickly and cost effectively. Our full service operation can provide tremendous value for your business. Learn More >
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Americas Largest Stocking Dealer
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